About Us

We ensure you are always one step ahead.

Dia was an idea born in 2012 when the founder of
the company realized the shift in
interpersonal communication towards social &
digital media. Brands, companies, organizations and
firms now had an opportunity to interact one on one
with people interested in them, get feedback, send
communications and even showcase their products
or services to a very specifically targeted and somewhat captive audience.
The necessity for professionally run digital
communications and campaigns became apparent
and thus Dia Consult was born.


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Why Choose Us

Our learnings come from a diverse portfolio of all round digital marketing clients, pooling the collective knowledge for maximum effect across the agency. Our clients see us as more than a social media agency, we are regularly referred to or mistaken for an in-house marketing department.

Community Growth

Social media success is dependent on the quality of the community that engage with a brand, product or service. Increasing the size of a brand's online community increases the number of conversations & referral rates to your business. Our specialist in-house social media consultants engage with your target audience by leveraging innovative insights and targeted content, growing its subscribed audience daily.

Social PR

The online word-of-mouth recommendation; Influencer Marketing is a powerful tool when growing your online reputation. CEEK has an extensive network of individuals and online publications with vast existing networks specific to every industry. In contrast to traditional advertising, social media marketing via influencers is part of your potential customer's daily life, providing immediate validation of your brand and exposure to an existing curated audience.

Analytics & Insights

Powerful analytics tools, coupled with cross-industry insight, provide a deep understanding of your current and future customer behaviour. ROI driven data provides factual information to formulate an effective social media strategy. A clear view of who is currently viewing your content, your competitors content and where your future customers transact online is crucial for effective targeting and return on investment

Content Marketing

Bespoke mobile optimised content for a targeted audience, with the sole purpose to attract and retain customers. The consistent creation and curation of relevant, valuable content with the direct intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. A social first, content creation agency creating shareable and emotion-evoking content. Award winning campaigns define our client's continued success, with consistent premium content creation.